STOP-HCV Podcasts

Professor Ellie Barnes - STOP-HCV Consortium Lead

Professor Ellie Barnes, University of Oxford

My name is Ellie Barnes and I am supported by the Nuffield Department of Medicine at the University of Oxford and the Medical Research Council. I head up STOP-HCV, which stands for Stratified Medicine to Optimise Patient Outcomes for Hepatitis C Viral infection.
We are in our fourth year and the Consortium brings together 21 partners from all around the UK; academics, scientists, clinicians, industry. It has been an enormous success, we are into our fourth year.  Some of the key outputs have been establishing fantastic patient cohorts, doing very large data generation of viral sequencing and host genomics and integrating that data to give some really powerful outputs and we have been able to adapt to a really rapidly changing landscape over the last four years and I am very proud of that and I think we have established a group of investigators that will be working together for decades to come.