New drug treatments


We are currently in an age of unprecedented HCV drug development. Industrial pipelines in this area are remarkable with more than 5 classes of drugs, and greater than 20 compounds, in phase-II or –III trials.  There are industry estimates of more than 150 drugs at various stages of development and new drug regimes suggest that HCV infection will soon become a curable disease for the vast majority.

By collaborating with commercially sponsored clinical trials, and engaging in academic-led clinical studies, STOP-HCV aims to use information gained from new treatment regimes to further understand the virology of HCV infection.   

One such collaboration is the  Gilead-sponsored sofosbuvir trial. The study protocols were developed in close collaboration with STOP-HCV and a significant proportion of the patients enrolled in the study will be recruited in the UK. Samples obtained during the study will be hugely beneficial to the STOP-HCV project.